Alter Analog Crew




Easton David Plourde is a photographer and painter based in Maine. A prolific artist, his work has been compared to Cy Twombly.  Easton incorporates numerous alt techniques into his work, including bleaching his film and lighting it on fire. He is the Editor-In-Chief of ALTER/ANALOG and you can find out more about him at:





Tania Kaaz is a progressive film photographer living in the Denver area.  She soaks film in a variety of substances and is currently working on cracking it with sulphuric acid.  She has been featured in many exhibitions and in print and currently shows her work at galleries in Denver, NYC and Dallas.  You can find out more about her at:





Cooper T is a writer and photographer from the upper Midwest. She fearlessly experiments with progressive film practices.  Her writing is poetic and draws on her life experiences. She often pairs her photos with her writing, creating pieces that are nuanced and thought provoking. You can see Cooper's work on instagram at @rabbitofthejade