Алина Сычева's dreamy portraits reflect her sense of self

Алина Сычева is a Russian photographer who explores issues of identity, body image and self-reflection.

You can see more of Алина's work on instagram at @alinamoon_

ALTER/ANALOG: Your work features portraits.  What attracts you to portraiture?

AC: I can’t say that I’m portraitist. One way or another my portraits are self-portraits. I don’t want through a portrait to display a character of a person or his “soul”. Rather, I’m trying through the portraits to express themselves and my feelings from the world. Therefore, the person in the photos is a kind of mirror in which you can see my reflection.

ALTER/ANALOG: What substances do you soup in?

AC: I’m experimenting with different film-soups. Now my favorites recipe are washing powder, instant noodles. The photos appear beautiful bright spots and shades. 

ALTER/ANALOG: What got you interested in alternative photography?

AC: I like the feelings of freedom in art, where you don’t follow of the rules “as it should". You're just making art. 

ALTER/ANALOG: Do you think being female has influenced your point of view regarding what you photograph?

AC: I think so. After all, I try to reflect my vision of the world in my photos. And it's woman's view. Maybe that's why I like to portray a sense of lyricism, mystery and a certain detachment in the photo. Also in self-portraits, I rethink the relationship to the female body. Self-portraits help me to look at myself from different "points of view", as well as to accept my female identity.

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