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Agnieszka Kral manipulates Polaroids and achieves spectacular images

Agnieszka Kral's work is a study in patience, experimentation and ultimately beautiful imagery. Below she describes her process:

"The “Blossom” series was shot on Polaroid 600 film, using a Polaroid AF Impulse Camera. I use mix of roller and cartridge manipulation. It involves inserting a custom made plastic mask before every single shot. The masks are made from a transparent plastic sheet with drawings and spray paint on them."

See more of Agnieszka's work on instagram at

ALTER/ANALOG: How long have you been shooting Polaroids?

AK: For around 7 months now. 

ALTER/ANALOG: What made you get interested in altering the Polaroid images?

AK: There was a time when I hated Polaroids. Really didn’t like the idea of spending so much money on paper just for some party snaps.  Once, I went inside a small photo shop in Sicily. Among many other flyers about new cameras etc., there was one from the Impossible Project about creative techniques that you can do with Polaroid pictures. That’s how it started.

ALTER/ANALOG: Did you learn this process or was it something you came up with on your own?

AK: Both. There’s a wonderful book by Rhiannon Adam “Polaroid the missing manual” which has been an endless source of inspiration for me. You can find there a chapter about making masks and filters.  I took what’s written there and combined it with spray paint to have control over which part of a picture is developed. 

ALTER/ANALOG: What draws you to analog versus digital?

AK: I love the imperfection and volatility of it. It gives an image the organic look. I see the blemishes on film as empty spaces left for the imagination.

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