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Alice Affre's fantastical images of the Queer community

"I’m Alice Affre, a french Fine Art student. Since two years I work with film photography. I work about queer culture in different ways. I create atmosphere with staging, and character from the personality of the peoples. I found my father's old camera and it start a new love story with photography. I was always fascinated by portraits. In art school, I experimented a ot of combinasion of Alien faces, and photography help me to create atmospheres and story for my characters. I'm inspired by cinema to create a visual story. I want to experiment more to create more ambicious images."

See more of Alice's work on instagram at @voyeurisme_contemporain

A/A: What got you interested in photography?

AA: When I develop my film, I'm really excited to see the result. I think it's a kind of philosophy. You take a picture, if you have a result, it's pretty cool, if it's not, you loose perhaps a good image, but, it's the game. You have to deal with the idea that nothing is perfect, nothing have to works everytime. Conversely, you can have big surprises, and big joy, when you see the result is better than you expected. It's more emotionals aspects.

A/A: What about queer culture would you like to convey to the audience?

AA:  I want to let people involve in the Queer culture to express many ideas. With my queers models we talk and think about concept to create powerful pictures by our experiences. I want to create more representations throught my photos and show, how it's beautifull, and hurts. We need to be more political involved to have more power and more impact in this cis-straight society. Photography is a medium we can use to express our voices.

A/A: What processes did you use to create these photos?

AA: It's depend to my models and where I am. Sometimes I have precise idea and I do everything to realize it. It's really fast, 10 photos only. Sometimes, it's more an experiment. With my models we talk a lot about our experiences, and about ideas we had early, it's a real combinaison about, what we want to express, the sensation and the colors. And you know, when you are shooting you do more than you expected because ideas progress in the moment. I love improvise, sometimes it's really powerfull to see how our subconscient works.

A/A: What projects are you working on next?

AA: I will mix my installations and my model to create more fantasies spaces. I have really tastes in staging, and I want to create interactions with my contemporary installations and models and create more clothings to use in my picture. More hand-made jobs to have more controls in my pictures. I want to forget when we see my pic, you see another vision of reality.

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