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Alter/Analog co-founder Tania Kaaz cooks up some film

Hello faithful followers! I absolutely love abstract photography. A few days ago, I took my last roll of expired Fuji 100 film, expiration date unknown, and boiled it for 10 minutes in a salt water mix and then developed as normal. This is what I got when I scanned it.

See more of my work on instagram at @tania_nofilter

A/A: How long have you been a photographer?

TK: I started in high school in 1992, before there was digital. I continued through college but gave it up when I got frustrated with the advent of digital. I picked it up again in December 2016.

A/A: Why are you so interested in alternative processes?

TK: I love seeing the world as it can be, not as it is. I love the magic that alternative processes give to the image. I want to live in these surreal wonderlands that I see alternative photographers create.

A/A: What's next for you?

TK: Volume 4 of A/A and more experimentation with soaking film.

A/A: What attracts you to abstraction in photography?

TK: I like the idea of taking something that is used as a medium for representing reality and turning it on its head.

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