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Amy Gladding's instant double exposures

Amy shot these Polaroids in rural Suffolk and then double exposed them with her recent ink paintings (made with handmade natural brushes).

See more of Amy's work on instagram at @my_faraway

A/A: What type of Polaroid camera and film did you use for this series?

AG: The images are shot on Polaroid 600 colour film

A/A: What was the process to create these images?

AG: The images were shot in rural Suffolk then scanned and double exposed with my recent ink paintings using photoshop software.

A/A: Why is nature a big theme of your work?

AG: Growing up in Suffolk I have always been interested in rural spaces. In more recent years I have become intrigued by the constantly transforming landscape. Having access to these beautiful green spaces during the recent periods of lockdown has proved invaluable. Being able to record these environments as they alter through the seasons was a reminder of the resilience and renewal we too can embody.

A/A: Much of your work had a soft dreamlike quality. Is this intentional?

AG: My work is often described as dreamlike and this isn’t intentional however I have always had an interest in dreams and I have very vivid and highly detailed dreams every night. I’ve never really lost my childhood imagination and so I suppose I’m good at inventing dreamscapes in my work.

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