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Amy Gladding's tea soaked botanicals

"Based in Suffolk, mixed media artist Amy Marie Gladding was born in 1986. Receiving a suitcase full of analogue photography equipment when she was 18 led to her embarking on a journey of experimental photo-arts.

Amy’s world is explored through alternative films, Polaroids and traditional camera-less techniques as well as altering processes such as burying negatives and film soup.

The series “Earthworks” is a collection of photographic and mixed media pieces all intrinsically linked to the land. Recorded in and around Suffolk it is a celebration of the deeply embedded creative energy in the county."

See more of Amy's work on instagram at @my_faraway

A/A:  What attracted you to souping film?

AG: I had tried it before but wanted to experiment more and I love the suspense waiting for the film to be developed to see what unusual effects the soup has created! 

A/A:  Do you match your film soup ingredients to the images you shoot? AG: I have mainly experimented with tea so far and this usually gives a subtle warmth to the images or sometimes bolder pink streaks. My subject matter is mostly landscape and natural forms so these effects work well with the blues and greens of my rural surrounding.  A/A:  How intentional are your alternative process images and how much is left to chance?

AG: A lot is left to chance and I love working this way coming from a fine art background I enjoy exploring the process as much as seeing the end result. 

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