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Amy Marie Gladding's exquisite floral imagery

"I shoot on Lomography purple film and I’ve just tried their new metropolis film.

I also use revolog films and dubble film.

I create cyanotypes (Painting light sensitive chemical onto watercolour paper and using objects or acetate negatives) and then I shoot a lot of in-camera double exposures.

Recently I have experimented with burying negatives and examining how the elements in the soil naturally erode the emulsion on the film surface. 

I work as a photography A level teacher and art teacher and I have always been interested in analogue photography and alternative techniques and experimental methods.

I’ve been shooting since I was 17 (now 33). Studying fine art (combined media) at university opened my work up to a lot of different things and in the past I’ve explored moving image, performance, installation, painting, drawing, sculpture, mixed media collàge.


 I love not knowing exactly how things will turn out and the happy incidents that occur during the creative process. 

My favourite thing to shoot is probably the natural world and my surroundings."

See more of Amy's work on instagram at @my_faraway

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