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Ana Fabricio's gorgeous "messes"

Ana Fabricio is an alternative process photographer based out of Montevideo, Uruguay. Ana experiments with filmsoups, abstract photography, and loves expired films.

See more of Ana's work on instagram at @objectovoladoridentificado

A/A: What has been the biggest influence in your photography practice?

AF: I think my biggest influence has been my dad, 'cause he taught me to properly use a camera and take "correct" pictures when I was 8, and ever since I've been trying to see what happens if I don't do what I was told to, and mess things up.

A/A: What attracted you to alternative photography?

AF: What attracts me most about alternative photography is the fact that you can't really predict the outcome. I find that strangely soothing in a "this does not depend on me" sort of way. It can be a little disappointing sometimes, or even frustrating, but what isn't?

A/A: Do you have a favorite alternative photography technique?

AF: My favourite technique is using very, very expired film. I find that each brand ages differently, and also the storage time and conditions make different effects, and I love that.

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