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Andreea Andrei's instant photography captures fleeting moments

Andreea Andrei is a visual artist based in United Kingdom. She was educated at Film School in Bucharest, Romania and National Film and Television School, London, United Kingdom. Her art focuses on social documentary, portraiture and fashion, and seeks to explore the complex relationship between subject and photographer.

See more of Andreea's work on instagram at @mihaela.andreea.andrei

A/A:  Do you have a favorite theme to shoot?

AA: I usually don’t have a theme in mind. Most of the time I go with the flow. I’m probably feared to lose my youth and maybe it’s one of the things that I most photograph. The fear of losing your memories it’s a terrible one, that’s why I try to get the most of a moment in that one shot.

A/A:  Why did you choose instant film as your medium?

AA: I’ve always been fascinated by instant photography, since I was a child I wanted to own a polaroid camera and I’ve finally had it in 2015, since then I’m trying to compress my memories and the people I meet the way on that instant square photograph. It’s like a doorway into the past for feature generation.

A/A: What inspires you?

AA: I get inspired by music, films, other photographers and long walks to the museums and galleries. I like to get lost in them and just stare at a painting or a art show to absorb the energy that moment gives me. I think it’s important to have books, art films and art in your life. It makes you cope with the ugly world we live in, today..

A/A: What are you working on next?

AA: Right now I’m trying to recycle my old polaroids and the bad shots and make them into something new. I’m chemical manipulating them and give them another life. I think it’s important to recycle not just in our day to day life but we should start as well with photography. I think instant photography has a bright future ahead.

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