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Annie Bonilla captures the wonder of the everyday

Annie Bonilla is a film photographer in the PNW. Annie shoots color and b&w experimental film photography with a variety of cameras. She fell in love with film photography in 2009 when she discovered the Lomography movement and its emphasis on experimentation and creativity.

Annie’s Instagram: @apricotsandgrain

Annie’s Lomohome:

A/A: How did you discover the Lomography movement?

AB: I don’t quite remember how I discovered Lomography. As someone who has always loved art, I most likely came across Lomography online. My awe and curiosity led me to, and looking at more Lomographic photos convinced me that film photography was a medium I wanted to explore for myself. I bought my first cameras, the Holga 120 CFN and the Diana Mini, shortly after and started shooting film in 2009.

A/A: What attracts you to alternative processing?

AB: I love how experimental film photography allows in so much room for self-expression. I love that I don’t feel restricted by a lot of rules. The element of surprise combined with spontaneity is refreshing and exciting. I like that there’s a good balance between having control and with letting go.

A/A: Do you find your work has a theme?

AB: Yes. I love photographing moments that evoke the beauty and wonder in the everyday, and oftentimes, the beauty in nostalgia. I’m drawn to abandoned buildings, urban spaces, architecture, wildflowers, and the inspiration I find on hiking trails.

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