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Ashley Brown creates high art with a toy camera

"Double exposures and the weird worlds that get created make me so passionate and eager about film photography. There's so much unpredictability and spontaneity that gets me hyped! Film photography has given me such a passion for creating and experimenting.

As for the process: I take the first exposure with half of the frame covered. Then for the second exposure, I turn the camera upside-down with the other half of the frame covered. With all the flipping and covering, it took me a little while to get into the headspace of what I'm aiming for compositionally."

See more of Ashley's work on instagram at

A/A:  What got you interested in shooting film?

AB: I love creating, especially when it's a new medium I've never tried before. Digital photography is such a passion for me, so when I spotted a cheap old Nikon FG-20 at an antique store, I decided to pick it up and give it a shot.

A/A:  Where did you find this particular toy camera?

AB: This Split-cam was actually gifted to me as a secret santa present. I really appreciate the thoughtful gift - whoever it was!

A/A:  What interests you about alternative processing and imagery?

AB: I'm all about the wacky and weird, creating surreal landscapes or places with photography (all in camera) is so spontaneous and surprising. I love taking advantage of all the different creative film stocks out there, and just having fun! I've fallen in love with the feeling of never knowing what I'll get from my photos. It's a quality that keeps me creating - the happy accidents make me want to try and recreate them. What doesn't look that fantastic, pushes me to try again! 

A/A:  What else would you like to experiment with?

AB: The options are endless! The first thing that comes to mind is a home-made splitzer for my other cameras. I haven't yet developed any of my film, but film souping is a dream to have a play with.

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