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Atelier Junn brings a historical process to life

Atelier Junn's photos are like none other. Their instagram feed is filled with portraits that are raw, real and full of emotion. The following series of portraits featuring revelers at a popular venue in Amsterdam are both totally modern in feel and timeless due to the collodion process used to create them.

See more of Atelier Junn's work on instagram at @atelierjunn

ALTER/ANALOG:  What is your process to create these amazing portraits?

AJ: Technically our processes vary. We love using the Collodion photography process (tin types and ambrotypes), mixing chemicals and cured concoctions in combination with DIY or heavily tweaked equipment and large format cameras. When it comes to other types of analog photography we use all types of film (small, medium and large format) and different cameras, point and shoot, 35mm, 4x5”, 5x6”, large format etc. As for our ‘mental process’ we like to constantly push for new experiences as well. Maybe because of our time at various art schools we really like to ‘nerd out’ on art history, creative research and visual storytelling. Beyond that we make sure we fill our time with drinking good coffee, listening to great music hanging out with friends. As long as we bring a camera or two we will never get bored.

ALTER/ANALOG: Is there a theme to this series?

AJ: We work a lot with musicians, bands and dj’s at different venues and locations. As such we have the pleasure of working at one of Amsterdam’s best venues: the Melkweg. A couple of months ago they commissioned us to create a series of portraits of Melkweg visitors at the evening events. These photos are from that series.

ALTER/ANALOG:  What got you interested in photography?

AJ: Our love for photography goes back decades and it is really hard to tell what lit that initial spark for either of us. It basically started way back, as kids, using an analog camera for the first time. We’ve always been surrounded by art, films (movies), story telling, music, we just continue this tradition today.

ALTER/ANALOG:  What are you working on next?

AJ: We’ve been traveling and working on a bunch of new projects, some will be popping up on our instagram soon while others are still a ways off. We always like to hide little sub-themes in our work, themes that cross over, things just below the surface. These little easter eggs make working on recurring subjects more challenging and interesting.

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