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Autojektor annihilates existence

Autojektor's images are a rumination on horror, death and the breaking down of societal norms. The works are disturbing to view, but illuminate philosophical and moral issues in a way that only art can do.

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A/A: How did you get into photography?

AF: I started in film, finding reels of old 8mm home movies and destroying them. My processes are usually very volatile and I love going through the reels frame by frame and grabbing stills - so one of the next steps is to work directly with still image "photography". It allows for a different kind of image - I can work with a larger 35mm cell and so the damage I can inflict on it can be more precise and more intimate.

A/A: I get a sense of horror and also destroyed myths in your work. Like the myth of the family is obliterated. Am I close at all to what you're trying to convey?

AF: All my works are horror - I got into film through body-horror and I think of my work as an extension of the genre. Instead of the breakdown of the physical body it's a breakdown of the evidence of the physical body's existence - like its shadow. It plays with the idea of the second/final death and what happens when the last image of you is erased. It is inevitable that my own feelings of cultural norms and myths are what shape my work. But for me, it is the existential horror that the evidence of your existence is not only malleable but that there are people out there actively trying to erase your shadow.

A/A: What inspired you to start pursuing the themes of your work?

AF: No idea.

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