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Autojektor takes filmmaking to haunted heights

Autojektor is a cameraless filmmaker from London who specializes in salvaging old 8mm/Super 8 footage and uses various techniques from melting the film to burying it in rotting meat for weeks to destroy it and create haunting images based around the idea of loss. Featured are stills and you can see the full films up at The processes used to create the films are listed. View the stills, check out the full films and prepare to be amazed and shaken.

instagram - @autojektor.films

website -


CLOSET WITCH - FUNERAL REGRETS PROCESS - Black ink and photo negative toner on footage melted frame by frame with soldering iron


PROCESS - Buried in meat and allowed to rot for a month

LIFT THE VEIL// PROCESS - Scratching out and bleach

RETOX - THIS SHOULD HURT A LITTLE BIT PROCESS - Scratched out footage painted back over with blood.

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