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Bas van Druten's magnificent alt experiments

Bas van Druten is a photographer based out of Wellington, New Zealand and has recently started experimenting with alternative processing. Bas has travelled the world and photographed locations ranging from Samoa to the Netherlands.

See more of Bas's work on instagram at @vanlifenz

A/A: Please describe your photographic journey.

BVD: I started doing analog photography about 20 years ago. Using my dad's old Kodak compact cam. Later bought a brand new Canon eos 300 which was about 1000 euro bucks back then! That cam was my one and only for most of the 20 years to follow. Until I dropped it a few times too many and had to buy a new one. Which is when I bought the Canon FTb (only about a year ago now). I've done 3 graphic design degrees, all including photography classes. I've tried my hand at everything from homemade pinholes to Hasseblad studio photography.

But mostly, photography is how I remember things, I always carry a camera and document my life. Although recently I've started to become more interested in abstract imagery. By using expired film, double exposure on found rolls or film soups.

I'm starting a new project with a friend in the Netherlands where he shoots a roll, sends it to me in New Zealand, and I then expose it again on my cam.

A/A: Do you have any favorite gear and film?

BVD: Is pretty much answered above; my Canon eos 300 for life! Then my Canon FTb. But I do really like my Nikonos4a too, especially when I'm out surfing!

A/A: What has been the greatest influence in your work?

BVD: My photography teacher from about 20 years ago! He really taught me to see, instead of just look. Next to that, it is probably traveling. New situation, strange cultural rituals, beautifully alien places.

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