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Basulto Reyes' wild carnival ride

"This series is called "Mambo, redundant turns about myself and nausea about the others".

Photos were taken on Konika Minolta Centuria 100 with a Nikon F3, developed on C41.

I come from Cuba where Mambo is a musical genre, but here in Uruguay the word is used to describe a tricky or complicated situation."

See more of Basulto's work on instagram at @ybasultor

A/A: Where were these photos taken?

BR: The Mambo series were shot at Rodó Park -a Montevideo Carnival-.

A/A: What was your process?

BR: Mambo: Expired Konika Centuria 100 developed in c41. Multiple and long exposures shot at Rodó Park Carnival.

A/A: What got you interested in film?

BR: The creative possibilities seem more to me, I see the film like a blank canvas waiting to be painted, like a blank page waiting for poetry.

A/A: Why do you enjoy practicing alternative processes?

BR: I guess the infinite possibilities hook you on a no return trip. The joys and rewards after experiments, mostly with souping process -quite random some time.

A chance to break standards and stereotypes within film proccesing (If it's a film I could be developed on any Developer), and about photography production or appreciation; I like to imagine photography not like a separate art product but a mixtured one, a synesthetic expresion of poetry, of painting, of music.

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