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Benja Vasques discovers alternative processing

"My name is Benjamin, I am from Costa Rica. I start to get into film photography in the last six months. I am very interested in double exposure on film (Canon EOS 500N is the camera I use and was a gift from one of my most loved friends).

I like film because the mystery it has (you never know how they will turn out); and to add more sparkle to the fun, I'm only using expired film."

See more of Benja's work on instagram at: @e_ha_mim and @el_chante_de_perse

A/A: What got you interested in alternative processing?

BV: My interest in alternate process began with a curiosity of how the things could turn out, some people think in good or right or not good and mistakes; but I am chasing the creativity of how everything could turn out in a way I haven't seen before and its new for me. I like experimental and creativity.

A/A: What differences do you find between film and digital?

BV: The main difference has been that film allows you to stretch more the ideas and creativity. Like double exposure, you can do that on digital for sure, but in film, it has a look of risk, you don't know how that would turn out and I like it. And the idea of soups are fun, light leaks (still searching for the golden roll that has a lot of them). And in digital you wont get that.

A/A: What has been your favorite film experiment so far?

BV: My favourite experiment has to be the rollei in black and white that turns orange. I was really blown away by it. I have a lot of guess of what could have happen (I think it was the vinegar on another roll that affects this one). It's really amazing.

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