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Beth Maciorowski's pseudo infrared experiment

Beth Maciorowski has experimented with just about every photographic technique. In this series, Beth used colored filters with bnw film and got some amazing results.

See more of Beth's work on instagram at @bethmaciorowski

ALTER/ANALOG:  How does the red filter produce the near infrared results?  

BM: Using colored filters for black and white film has interesting results. the deep red filter I use with infrared film (or the SFX film), I believe blocks out blue tones which is why blue skies turn really dark. in infrared film, foliage turns bright white. I love that effect.

ALTER/ANALOG:  You are a prolific photographer.  How often do you shoot?

BM: Thank you. I think of it as an appendage sometimes. Almost daily but if I am not actually shooting, I am thinking about it. 

ALTER/ANALOG:  How do you keep yourself inspired so you are able to produce so much good work?

BM: Honestly, I just go outside. nature never stops inspiring. I live in a place where the weather changes a lot and I like that. and also, there is often something emotionally manifesting inside that has a need to come out.

ALTER/ANALOG: You are fearless in your experimentation with film.  Do you find yourself having to go through many tests to get the results you are looking for?

BM: Some of the techniques I use took years of practice, trial and error. but now, in terms of making images, they just appear. It is a natural occurrence. recently I had trouble with a particular image which I came up with ahead of time, not how I am used to working. The bugs just about killed me the first shoot. The 2nd one, my developer turned and I lost the roll. Third time's a charm on that one.

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