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Blaž Rojs' ON THE EDGE

Blaž Rojs is an artist based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. His main area of work is exploring mixed media approach into intervening in his own work and it's impact on finished work. Currently at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana.

See more of Blaž's work on instagram at @blazrojs

A/A:  What got you interested in alternative processes?

BR: I got really into alternative processes when working on a photo book called Destruction Reduction, in which I researched intervention by hand, directly onto film. I mostly used a combination of watercolor, destruction (cutting, scratching) and liquids among others.

A/A: What is the theme of this series of work?

BR: The series is titled On the Edge and it depicts a story in the form of short prose. It's shown in a two photo combination in which I try to outline the impression of short fleeting experiences of shooting with a model. There is always an event constant and stories that are not linear but are fragments of the same constant. The series contains three short proses, each consisting of two photographs. The first photograph is enhanced with a dot motif, referring to processing before the main, second photograph is captured, which has an abstract intervention containing subjective perception of the shot, model, and photograph itself.  

A/A:  What inspires your work?

BR: My work is inspired by many different artists, mostly in painting and alternative mixed media processes with addition to fine art erotic photography. 

A/A: Why have you chosen film over digital as your medium?

BR: I love to work with as many different media as possible, and analog media offers me the most freedom of expression. I strive to combine photography, painting and drawing with formation into one object. 

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