Brandon Walker's "Snaps" is an experimental magazine exploring voyeurism, memory and nostalgia

Updated: Jun 27, 2018

Brandon Walker is a photographer and Emmy Award winning writer/producer. His artistic process is the subject of a critically acclaimed television series In True Fashion. He is the recipient of the Edwin H. Land Foundation Prize as well as the Davey, Telly and Communicator Awards as presented by the The Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts. His instant film portfolio was curated by The Polaroid Archive at Harvard. Collectors of his work include fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld and HRH The Duchess of Cambridge

Brandon has graciously given ALTER/ANALOG readers the change to flip thought the whole magazine by clicking on Snaps

"Under the bed or in a dusty attic, a photo album awaits rediscovery. Sealed beneath yellowed plastic pages are memories, faded and discolored by time.

Inspired by photo albums of the past, this project nurtures a decayed film aesthetic while embarking on the creation of “new old memories”.

Alter/Analog: The concept of a making a “found” photo album is intriguing. What inspired this approach?

BW: While looking through a box of childhood photos, I was confronted by moments I no longer remembered. How could I look so happy and not have a single corresponding memory? The next day, I unearthed snapshots of my first serious girlfriend. Did I still remember h