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Bryan Lovett pops the cork for his film

The photos Brian Lovett soaks in wine have a celebratory feel about them, almost as if the essence of the soaking substance infuses itself into the film. Different types of wines have different effects. The reds produce green orbs, champagne makes blue dots. He's also experimented with various other soups.

See more of Brian's work on instagram at @thebryanlovett

ALTER/ANALOG: What substances do you soup in?

BL: It started by reaching into my fridge and finding a jar of pickle juice, and I’ve just been experimenting from there! Usually it’s whatever I have laying around in the kitchen. From what I’ve seen others doing, there are no limits to what ingredients you can use. 

ALTER/ANALOG:  Do you have a favorite soup recipe?

BL: So far my favorite soup has been cheap champagne, leaving it in the soup for close to 40 hrs! Most soup articles recommend short soak times, but I’ve found that a longer soak has resulted in more evenly dispersed colors. I’ve also had great luck with Pinot Noir to get wild color pops. 

ALTER/ANALOG:  What is it about the fantastical nature of the images the soups produce that attracts you?

BL: I love the unpredictability of it. It adds a dynamism to otherwise static images. Since I shoot mainly landscapes, I love that it offers a distorted view of the natural world. It’s nice to see new colors in familiar scenes. 

ALTER/ANALOG:  With your multiple exposures, do you plan them out?

BL: I tend to shoot from the hip and go with my intuition for many of my double exposures. I use a lot of hacked disposable cameras, which allow for better precision since the film doesn’t have to move at all. I’ve been studying techniques from other photographers I find inspirational, and am constantly trying to push into new ways of using the film and camera to express how I want to show people the world. 

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