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Carlos Baselga takes photographic risks that pay off

Carlos Baselga's series of photos were taken with a Yashica Super MF 3 and Kodak Gold 200 expired 2002.

Carlos is attracted to color and the risk inherent in using expired film and exposing film to light. Some photos are barely touched by the light let in from opening the back of his camera. Others are awash in sunshine.

See more of Carlos' work on instagram at @cralisare

ALTER/ANALOG: What got you interested in film?

CB: I was always keen to film photography but I didn’t have the chance to try it properly. 4 years ago I could get my first real film camera, it was a Rollei 35S found on a thrift store for 10 pounds. I began shooting street photography and developing black and white at home. I felt in love with film photography since then.

ALTER/ANALOG: How did you produce the light leaks in your photos?

CB: Usually I open rear door from camera to let light get in and then close it really fast. It’s something risky but once you see results it’s addictive.

ALTER/ANALOG: What attracts you to expired film?

CB: Mainly because of the unexpected results. But again, as happened with light leaks, using expired film could be risky but final results worth it. Shooting expired film requires you to think about exposure and light more than ever.

ALTER/ANALOG: What inspires you?

CB: Nowadays I’m interested in experimental photography and lomography look. The more color it has the better it is. Also seeing regular daily stuff and thinking how it could be cooler inspires me. My mind is always working and turning regular things into crazy ones, haha. But sometimes I take normal photos so it depends in time.

As we all know, Instagram is a good tool for inspiration and I’m a big fan of it. People like @arbitrarium , @katehook_ @_frauke @lomogocchin @nan_curtis ... and many more.

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