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Christian Mrosek explores abstraction via film soup

"My name is Christian Mrosek, I'm 28 years old and I was born and raised in Eastern Germany, where I live to this day, in Halle (Saale) near Leipzig. Since I was a little child I was creative. I liked painting and drawing cartoons as a kid. From my early teens on I was into graffiti. In my early 20s I got back into painting and started doing abstract oil paintings. 4 years ago I got into analog photography and found my passion in it. I always liked the vintage and retro aesthetic. I studied cultural anthropology and hispanic studies and love traveling. Some day I would love to go back to the Amazon and Colombia, my favorite region in the world."

See more of Christian's work on instagram at @lofi_iglv

ALTER/ANALOG: What sparked your interest in alternative processing?

CM: The page of Lomography. Photography of other users and magazine articles.

ALTER/ANALOG:  How were these images created?

CM: I souped the film after exposure for three days in coffee and tea. Then the film was developed via the German drug store DM. The negatives where then scanned by myself.

ALTER/ANALOG:  What role do you think abstraction plays in photography?

CM: Abstraction plays a role in everything. I think abstraction is that what we can not define so easily. That is what fascinates me - the unknown, the undefinable, the invisible - but also the essence, the basis and origin of things. As we portray a grasp of reality with photography, we portray an idea of these concepts, with abstraction.    

ALTER/ANALOG:  What inspires you?

CM: The beauty of nature. The work of other artists.

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