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Eliana Morte's happy accident

Eliana Morte is a 21 years old photographer living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  She started with photography at the age of 14, and started taking analog pictures when I was 17.  

What started as a series on love became a triptych about mutation, disappearance and death.

See more of Eliana's work on instagram at @eliana.morte

ALTER/ANALOG: How were these images created and manipulated?

EM: These photos were made with a yashica lm mat and a tmax 400. I think that when I finish the roll I scratch the negatives. It wasn't intentional, but the accident ended up liking me more than if it weren't there.

ALTER/ANALOG: Can you tell us about the theme and meaning of this triptych?

EM: These portraits are part of a series I did last year about love in its different forms. With this particular couple, I wanted to take individual photos that contrast with those that they appeared together. Finally, I don't add these images to the project because I felt that they were very different from the rest of the photos.  Afterwards, seeing these three photos out of context, I realized that among them they have a strong dialogue. In this second vision, I interpreted these images as an expression of the mutation, of the disappearance, and also of death.

ALTER/ANALOG: Why have you chosen film over digital?

EM: Analog photography gives me the time to exercise patience. I love the feeling of not knowing what's in there. It's as if each roll was a magic box full of surprises.

ALTER/ANALOG: What projects are you working on next?

EM:  I am having a more relaxed attitude and I plan not to work for series at the moment. Deliver myself to the moment and take the pictures.

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