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Emma Penney bleached negs to get psychedelic colors and a dreamy effect

Emma Penney is a twenty-year-old aspiring photographer and Digital Film Production student from the north of England who specialises in experimenting with film photography.

You can see more of her work on instagram at @whoisemma___

ALTER/ANALOG: What processes did you use to create these images?

EP: All of these images were taken using 35mm film, after getting the images developed I dipped the negatives into bleach for a couple of seconds and then scanned them into my laptop. Some of the images I overlapped two bleached negatives before scanning and others are just one bleached negative.

ALTER/ANALOG: What got you interested on photography?

EP: I have always had a fascination with cameras and how people decide to capture a subject. But my passion for photography really grew when I started studying film at college and purchased my first DSLR camera.

ALTER/ANALOG: How long have you shot film?

EP: I have shot on film for just over a year now, I remember purchasing my first film camera in January 2017 and not using it for just under six months as I was put off by how expensive film photography could be. But I am so glad that in the April of that year I brought my first roll of film as my passion for photography and experimenting with film has grew so much.

ALTER/ANALOG: Many of your images are of nature.  Is nature a big inspiration for you?

EP: Being brought up in the north of England I have always been surrounded by nature so because of this nature has always had and always will have a huge impact on my work.

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