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Eric Garzena discovers the essence of photography

"I work as a lighting technicien in movie making for 25 years. Always took photographs. First camera was an Hanimex 110 for school trips. Then I collected old cameras that were working when I was 18 and tried to take photos with them. Then stop when digital broke through.

Went back to it as I started to but expired films on fleamarket and other places.

The theme of my work seems to emerge unconsciously. Instictively, I arrived to photograph empty places and wide spaces. I fell in love with the Linhof 617 and Xpan. Surely my cinematic education.

And as I spend my working days creating « false » images, my MO is just take the picture, and see what comes out. Accident of expiration or anything else. I don't edit. I don't reframe. I have it or not. I think it's the essence of photography.

I discover colors a few years ago and it hooked me on alternative processes as the palette of tone is infinite. And films like psychoblues pre treated are very interesting for your images to become portals to other dimensions. Camera like sprocket rocket also are very useful when you wanna let sunbeam enters weirdly.

I come from a job where images had to be clean. Very clean. Default were banned. It's not like that anymore. And it s good. Cause accidents can be magics."

See more of Eric's work on instagram at @eric.garzena

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