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Eros R. Ramirez' exacting instant film technique tells a story

Eros Ramirez combines text with instant photos that he manipulates to create thought provoking images. He painstakingly works with instant film to get these results.

See more of Eros' work on instagram at @MidnightTwelve4L

ALTER/ANALOG:  How long have you been shooting instant film?

CR: Hi! I’m Eros, I’ve been shooting instant film on a consistent basis since summer of 2016. I started out with an Instax Wide 210 move around to other available ingetral formats from there.

ALTER/ANALOG:  The eyes are hidden and scratched out in one of the subjects in each of these images.  Can you explain the significance of that?

CR: Initionally it was because during my first attempt of a double exposure, they blinked

and I remembered I could divorce the two sheets and scratch out the positive. But after that it because more of an emotional reaction to allow someone to hide a small piece while still bearing it all.

“If the eyes are the window to the soul, why do you only feel alive when they are closed?”- Cory Lockwood

ALTER/ANALOG:  How were these images created?

CR: All images were captured using a Spectra AF camera. I’d take one exposure, immediately shutting it for it doesn’t eject, wait about 10 seconds and then take the 2nd shot.


I allow the film to develop in the dark. After about 15 minutes I can see the image and get an idea of what will be scribed in up top per the model. I use an exacto to ‘divorce’ the positive and negative sheets and begin to scribe into the positive with a wet blade. The window to do that before the chemicals dry is pretty small so you have to be quick. Once I’m done I get a wet brush and wet the negative before putting them back together so they can stick as a single piece again.

ALTER/ANALOG:  Why did you choose instant film as your medium?

CR: I chose instant film PURELY out of instant gratification. I love slide film but hate waiting to see my images. And as an event photographer, it made so much sense to use with clients who just wanna have fun.

All creative ventures are on Spectra film however. IP/PO film give me tons of room to experiment with different methods. It’s truly where I feel thrive.

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