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Film Review: Editors Choice; APX 100/400

Although Agfa-Gevaert corporation has moved more in a printing and processing direction, they still continue to manufacture AGFAPhoto film. Lupus imaging has picked up the production. A German made film that offers a black and white, 100 & 400 (ISO) speed film.

APX - 100/400 offers a great grey balance that you can not find in other films. Solid contrast, It places the blacks when it needs it the most. It’s a somewhat dishonest film when it comes to reality; That's what I love most about this film. It brings you to a different world, something old and timeless. When you push the exposure it breaks in the whites, providing a beautiful contrast to subjects when you light it right. It can be a bit of a switch if you are coming from Ilford or Kodak Tri-x as to it's not always true to what you see in the lens. Once you develop a few rolls you’ll soon fall in love with the dramatic mood it delivers.

I find it delivers best for adding a rustic age to your film. Best for shooting objects with history and character. It's great for landscapes with texture and buildings. It can swallow up dark areas if you shoot more at dusk. I love it for it’s timeless stance, here are a few of my sample images.

©Easton Plourde

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