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Francesc Galí's surreal Carnival

"I was born in 1964 in Catalonia, I have had the great fortune of living in many places in Spain, of which several years in each, Barcelona and Madrid. Photography is my passion and my way of showing my vision of the world. A few years ago I discovered Lomography. It is a revolution in the photographic world and has resulted in a new artistic movement. In a technological world where digital photography seems to triumph, Lomography has managed to emphasize the misnamed analogue photography. This discovery brought me back to chemistry, analog photography or just photography, experienced in all the immense range of possibilities, from «Polaroid» to «Pinhole»."

See more of Fransesc's work on instagram at @fgali1964

A/A: The filmsoup adds so much life to the already lively subject. Did you plan it that way or were the filmsoup results a surprise?

FG: In this process, there is always a high percentage of chance and surprise in the final result. But it was planned to make a series on Carnival, a very crazy topic, with the "filmsoup" process. Precisely to convey the idea of party, madness and debauchery.

A/A: What attracts you to alternative film processes?

FG: The possibility of using each alternative technique for a specific purpose. For example, to deal with a theme such as carnival, I saw it very appropriate to use the filmsoup since it gives it that crazy and carefree touch that goes very well for the project. I have other works where I have used the Pinhole to convey the idea of the passage of time and the loss of memories.

A/A: Do you have a theme to your work?

FG: All my projects have a defined theme and I adapt the process that I think is most appropriate for each case.

A/A: How has the quarantine affected your work?

FG: It has allowed me to concentrate my work in the laboratory that I have at home and to perfect techniques such as color development.

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