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Gwendal Peron's surrealist influence shines through in his photos

Gwendal Peron's instagram feed is full of skate and music pics, but he stepped out of that genre for his series for ALTER/ANALOG. We love his mantra "Buy film not pixels!" Here is his bio in his own words:

"I’m Gwendal Peron, 20 years old, I lived around Tours many years and I'm now in Paris. I work in food photography, and I'm in a film school.

I collect a lot of old camera, and I try to experiment with many things in analog photography (like 3D with a nishika n8000, double exposure, different film etc…)

I work a lot with a rock band, I make cover artwork, music videos and photos of their gigs.

I'm currently working in a group of 6 photographers on a project called “Across the Universe “, directed by Alexis Manchion, and there will be an exhibition in Paris by September."

Gwendal is on instagram at @gwendalperon

ALTER/ANALOG: Your photos really have the feel of France, your home place. How much does France influence your work?

GP: I don’t really think I’m influenced by France in my work, I follow a lot of photographers from all around the world, but there is like a French mood, and I actually never realized that, it’s quite funny. Inspiration comes from all the little things around us, and yes I may have been influenced by my sweet country.

But my influence comes more from rock culture, and surrealism.

ALTER/ANALOG: How did you create these images?

GP: This short series was made with a prism filter (the cokin x7). I first saw some images like that and I really wanted to buy one! I was seeking for it in flea market during a year, and I finally find it for 10€. I was also experimenting with some expired film and red scale.

I love the psychedelic images that it produces (and how weird it is looking with a prism like that screwed in front of your lens aha)

ALTER/ANALOG: What got you interested in alt processing?

GP: I really love film for the multiple possibilities you have in alt processing, there is something magical about it, even if I lost a lot of pictures in the process, it's part of the game! I work with numeric for some paid work, but I find it tasteless, each film and camera combo has it's own character.

Buy film not pixels!

ALTER/ANALOG: How long have you been shooting film?

GP: I bought my first film camera 3 or 4 years ago, a minolta XGM, for very cheap. And I immediately fell in love with the process of film photography, I feel like a true photograph has to be on film.

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