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Hanna Dreisow's cross processed photos are drenched in color

A few years back, Hanna Dreisow lived in Montevideo, Uruguay. She took these images with her Lomo Konstruktor and her Lomo Colorsplash. The film she used was a diapo or standard film from the discounter in Germany. The resulting pictures are dripping in hues of teal and citrus. She managed to capture the magic of xpro with these photos.

See more of Hanna's work on instagram at @hannanalog

ALTER/ANALOG:  How did you achieve these amazing colors?

HD: Thanks for the compliment. But there is no magic behind it. I used the cross process, developing normal diapositive in C41. I was living in Uruguay and there were no special or cheap films available. So I used diapos I brought from Germany.

ALTER/ANALOG: What got you interested in photography?

HD: I was in primary school when I went to the zoo with my family. My mother always had a camera and she still likes to take pictures. When she came back with the developed film and the copies we found out that for some reason the last 3 pictures were double expositions. So in one picture I was with a friend but there was a polar bear in a corner. I was totally amazed by this effect. I started to take really boring pictures of my dolls afterwards and it took maybe 10 years until I did my first double expositions with a camera from Lomography. I still feel like a kid on Christmas when I go to pick up the developed film. I love not to know what will appear on the picture.

ALTER/ANALOG:  Is there a theme to your work?

HD: I never thought about it before. I would say that I normally don’t create situations. I´m just documenting what I see when I walk around with my cameras. No matter if it´s in my hometown or on vacation. I do focus on details but also like to show the whole landscape.

ALTER/ANALOG:  Do you have a favorite subject to photograph?

HD: I have a lot of favorite subjects. I like street photography. I love graffitis and to take pictures of buildings. Everything that is broken, old or a little bit dirty catches my interest. I also love flowers and animals. Besides that I would like to take more portraits. I have just begun with filmswaps and I´m really looking forward to a swap with a French woman I met on IG who does a lot of portraits.

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