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Harrison Pike's sonically inspired series

Harrison Pike's photographs are wine drenched tributes to the bands he loves. After a stint with digital, he found freedom shooting analog and the expression it allows him.

"I am a 35mm film photographer from Melbourne Australia. I experiment with many different techniques like multiple exposures, light leaks, and soaking my film in various liquids. My style is influenced by a lot of live music, and trying to capture the spirit of the moment with a very psychedelic, vibrant, disorienting and intoxicating vibe."

See more of Harrison's work on instagram at @warrisonyike

ALTER/ANALOG: How did you get into film photography?

HP: My first camera was a DSLR in high school but by the time I was in uni I was starting to get bored of digital, and it’s clean clinical operation and outcome. It seemed like film had so much more creative freedom and variables for me to imprint a bit of my personality into an image, as well as this I just like tangible things that are real and react in surprising ways that can keep me on my toes and keep me interested. So I got my first film camera which is a Nikon FM2 and completely fell in love in love with it. I do everything now on this camera, it’s manual everything and I love the forced control and focus I have to have. 

ALTER/ANALOG: What film soup recipe is your favorite?

HP: I am relatively new with experimenting with film soups. Most of the time I just use whatever liquids I can find around me, and because I’m shooting in a lot of bars and pubs it’s alcohol, which has an amazing effect. My favourite so far has been different red wines they are extremely psychedelic, I find leaving my film to soak for longer periods of time have the nicest and most consistent colours and patterns. 

ALTER/ANALOG: What got you interested in alternative processes?

HP: I guess I’m striving for a more artistic outlet for my photography so I wanted to learn as many ways to manipulate the film, and try and combine everything I know together and control it all. Started with double exposures, then light leaks and more recently soups. 

ALTER/ANALOG: Music is an inspiration for you.  What specific music do you like to see live?

HP: I live in Melbourne, Australia which has heaps of live gig venues, there is a big music culture, and there is so many great local musicians. I love seeing rock and punk bands they have great atmosphere, but it’s hard to say really because there is so much going on and I’m into so many different vibes, I’m always finding new different bands that I had never heard of and having the best time.

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