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Harry Karayiannis' explorations in Cyprus

"My name is Harry and I am from Limassol, Cyprus. I'm a Graphic Designer and Lomography enthusiast. I shoot with plastic cameras like La Sardina and DianaF. I'm obsessed with double exposures on films and traveling around my tiny island and capturing moments."

See more of Harry's work on instagram at @harrykarayiannis

ALTER/ANALOG:  What got you interested in film? HK: I bought my first analog camera (DianaF plus) 4 years ago and after I developed my first film I was obsessed with film photography ever since.

ALTER/ANALOG: What is your favorite thing to shoot? HK: I love traveling around my island and capturing moments and the people in their daily life alongside with double exposing the film I use.

ALTER/ANALOG: What inspires you? HK: I watched a documentary about a photographer named Vivian Maier and her work was so amazing and mesmering.

ALTER/ANALOG: Do you have a favorite camera? HK: Recently I bought a La Sardina camera and I'm pretty obsessed with the results.

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