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Iñigo Moledo's painterly experiments

"I'm a 21 year old photographer from Spain that likes to experiment and create new realities with photos. I always try to change reality to express my feelings. I think my photography is a little bit Expressionist."

See more of Iñigo's work on instagram at @lizasophoto

A/A: What processes did you use to create these images?

IM: For these photos I directly altered the negatives using paint. I often develop my film rolls with a lot of shake and without the covering ring, so it causes the film not to develop correctly and sometimes cool images appear.

A/A:  What got you interested in film photography?

IM: I got interested in film photography because I love the process and creativity that it involves.

A/A:  What is your favorite camera and why?

IM: Currently I'm using a compact point and shoot (olympus xa2). I also use a Nikon fm3 but I will start with digital soon. My favourite camera could be a Ricoh. One of Moriyama's signature camera.

A/A: Why did you start experimenting with alternative processes?

IM: I started experimenting with film because the process is very intuitive. Trial and error and you can make beautiful photos.

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