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Ignacio Gonzales Vigil's South American Wonderland

Ignacio creates dreamy images of locales ranging from Machu Picchu, Copacabana Bolivia, and the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Cusco.

Check out Ignacio's website at

Ignacio's instagram is @el_avestruz_submarino

A/A: Why did you choose film as your medium?

IGV: I chose to photograph on film because of the experience of thinking of a photo in only one shot

A/A:How did you achieve these ultra colorful results using film soups?

IGV: The filmsoup is a technique in analog photography where you submerge a negative in a liquid mixture to generate that psychedelic effect to the photos. My favorite ingredients are citrus and soap.

A/A:Do you find your photography has a theme?

IGV: I usually photograph doing double exposures or filmsoups, so the final result will always be uncertain, so I would say that my theme in photography is surprise.

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