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Irina Chernikova's unpredictable souped images

"I am a self taught photographer, filmmaker and video artist. I am passionate about analog techniques, alternative processing and experimental cinema. When I create art, I like to deconstruct reality and build other worlds from it. Sometimes the other worlds become a reflection of this world, other times they become something entirely new."

See more of Irinia'a work on instagram at

A/A:  How were these images created?

IC: These images are taken on medium format film, some are black and white film, some are color. Then I souped the film in household cleaners. Finally, I processed them in black and while chemicals (both color and b&w film). 

A/A:  How long have you been a photographer?

IC: I started shooting film 2015. Before 2015, I used to do digital photography, but as soon as I shot my first roll of 35mm film I got hooked on the analog process. 

A/A:  Do you find your work has a theme?

IC: I find myself exploring many themes, but I believe that overall my work can be somewhat surreal. 

A/A:  What attracted you to alternative processes?

IC: I love alternative processes because they are crafty and are the best way to learn and experiment. I feel alternative processes can be unpredictable at first, but always fun and rewarding.

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