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Jacqueline Badeaux delves into the subconscious

Jacqueline Badeaux (1986) is an American artist working with film to express mysterious and hidden worlds of the anonymous subconscious. Mostly self taught after taking one class in 2004, she started her work as a black and white printer, evolving her craft and skill to also shoot and develop color at home.

Her experimental technique and camera building relies on the tactile aspects of working with film, adding dimension and texture to her negatives and prints. She creates inspired by fantasy, plays with forms, and delights in the use of images and color without limitation or inhibition.

After living in various states and countries, she is currently in Texas working with moving and still images with other artists. She is also completing a photography series taken in the San Luis Valley to be self-published in a book in memoriam of her late father. Some of these images are taken from this series. See more of Jaqueline's work on instagram at: @jacquelinebadeaux

Jaqueline's website is at: and

A/A: Do you find your work has a theme?

JB: Mysterious , anonymous and subconscious storytelling. Alchemy and dream.

A/A: What are your artistic influences?

JB: Francis Bacon, Francesca Woodman, and Andrei Tarkovsky.

A/A: What attracted you to alternative processes?

JB: Initially it was the darkroom and printing layers of images from different negatives on one paper, but now it is the ability to create texture with film soups and layers of the negative as I scan like a tiny canvas with a memory. I enjoy the surprise of using in camera techniques as well.

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