Janice Ryszko gets out of her head with the help of photography

Photography is not only an exercise in aesthetics, it is a life changing practice that helps the photographer physically and mentally. This is the case with Janice Ryszko and so many others we have features in ALTER/ANALOG.

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ALTER/ANALOG: What do you soup your film in?

JR:  I prefer to soak my film in wine and lemon and sometimes dish soap. But I guess there are so many soups you can think of. It also depends on how long you allow the film to soak. I usually don't soak for more than 2 weeks. I like when it alters the film in a subtle way. I have used chemical soups but I did not like the outcome of the film. 

ALTER/ANALOG: What attracts you to alternative and progressive film practices?

JR: When it comes to soaked or expired film the outcome is never as you expect it to be. That is what fascinates me. I am so very in love with double exposure. There are so many ways and again you don't know what the end result will be. I love the grain of old film and the change of color from the soup. And double exposure gives me a never ending inspiration.

ALTER/ANALOG: Where do you find expired film?

JR: Sometimes it can be hard to find good expired film. Mostly I find it online. There is always a photographer who stops shooting analog or is selling all their old film. Long expired film or film that is not even in production anymore. 

ALTER/ANALOG: How long have you been shooting and when did you start shooting with film?

JR: Well, obviously I got my first analog camera as a kid. I have always loved taking photos. My mom would get me one or two rolls and I treated them like treasure. As a teenager I got a lot of disposable cameras. Easy to go and you could buy them everywhere. I tried digital for a while but does not make me happy at all. So for the past years I have been shooting analog again. I got a Praktica LTL3 with old film. I've collected a few old cameras since then. Photography is very dear to me. Mental illness keeps from doing a lot of things in life. It can be isolated. Going out into the world with my camera makes me see all the pretty little things around me even though my head can be such a dark place. Out of my head one frame at a time :)


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