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Jenna Joan explores the human form

"I enjoy experimenting with double exposures around the themes of nature and bodies. To create these photos, I first took photos in my neighborhood, in the cemetery, and by the ocean. Then I shot over the roll, taking photos of my friends or myself in my bedroom. I create the majority of my photographs in my bedroom. When I'm not creating in my bedroom, I am somewhere outdoors in Maine, where I live. My process is loosely driven by concepts, while allowing enough free flow to push myself beyond knowing what will happen and letting film surprise me."


Instagram: @jennajoan_

A/A: What piqued your interest in alternative processing?

JJ: I am drawn to experimentation. I like when I'm not exactly sure what I'll get with film, particularly with double exposures. At the same time, that it is about letting go of the outcome, it also challenges me to be more intentional during the process, which helps me slow down and think about concepts more. I like when things don't reflect exact reality, but speak to a feeling in the soul.

A/A: The human form features prominently in your work. Can you tell us more about that?

JJ: I can't explain it, from the get go of my photography journey, I've been almost exclusively drawn to the human form. I just love people, bodies, skin, and the intimacy of the process of working with the human form. I have developed some beautiful relationships with people I shoot with. That's the best part for me is the human connection. Self portrait photography in particular has been a journey of self exploration, self love, creative expression, and a spiritual practice that connects my mind and body.

A/A: I struggle with combining portraiture and alternative processing. Do you have any suggestions on successfully merging the two?

JJ: Hmmm..maybe start small and simple. I have shot almost all of my work in front of the single window in my bedroom and a white wall as a backdrop. I am constantly reminding myself that less is more. It's a grounding phrase.

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