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Jenny Magruder glimpses the unconscious mind

"Jenny Magruder is an artist working with film and digital images to explore the nature of the uncanny, revealing glimpses of an unconscious mind. Driven to express selfhood and a connection with nature, her work is inspired by dreams, memories and surrealism. Her recent projects consist of experimental black and white film self portraits, with a focus on altering the negative physically and in-camera techniques. Jenny holds a Bachelor in Fine Arts in photographic illustration from Rochester Institute of Technology (2012) and has exhibited her work nationally as well as internationally. She is currently based in Buffalo, NY and continues to make new work."

IG: starvingeyeshallucinate

A/A: What piqued your interest in alternative photography?

JM: I became very interested in alternative photography while I was working in a darkroom at a photo lab during 2020. I began experimenting to test the limits of film and paper with mostly elements of destruction such as water, bleach and fire. The nature of destroying negatives can be seen as taboo by many photographers, but I find it liberating. When I make photographs now, I think of how I can alter the work to uncover context and allow interpretation by the viewer.

A/A: Do you have a favorite camera, film and developer combo?

JM: I prefer to use my Yashica Mat EM or Holga 120N, Ilford Delta 100 film and Ilfotec DD-X developer. I love low speed film, as it allows you to slow the shutter to achieve a slight drag in motion that I find very dreamy.

A/A: What photographers have influenced your work?

JM: Francesca Woodman is a significant influence for me, I first saw her photographs while studying for my BFA and have never been able to forget them. My self portraits are very much inspired by her.

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