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Jessica Bruzzaniti's dream of light

"I'm an Australian artist with dual citizenship in the US, where I have been living and working since 2014. I'm the first child born to immigrant parents and have ties all over the globe, so travel plays a huge role in my practice as I'm constantly inspired by the natural world and our connection to it. By day I'm an Art Advisor for an established firm in Chelsea. My side hustle is photography and my artist collective, Jude Collective. Since 2018 we have produced great pop up exhibitions and as of this year, we started a digital project which engaged several BIPOC artists through interviews and have been sharing their work to raise funds for select non-profits that are community driven and locally based (in Brooklyn)."

See more of Jessica's work on instagram at @for_arts_sake

"My process is guided by intuition and is a tangible manifestation of my curiosity and introspection. I am inspired by the beauty in nature, particularly phenomena associated with light. I use a range of materials that manipulate color and refract light to transform landscapes into an ethereal, dreamlike realm. Ocean-scapes are of particular interest to me, because the rhythm of the water and vast horizons provide uninterrupted space for reflection, meditation and magic. At times, the images I capture are completely abstracted and challenge the traditional constructs of the landscape genre. By creating an experience that is familiar yet otherworldly, I seek to explore the surreal, interior landscape of the psyche."

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