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Jo Montgomerie contemplates the meaning of home

"I'm exploring the concept of 'Home' and what it means to me. I'm originally from Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland and now live in the centre of Manchester. I very much enjoy the contrast between city life and the countryside back home. 

My photos are usually double exposures, giving reality a bit of a twist. My favourites tend to have a magical atmosphere. I try not to focus too much on setting up shots, I often don't stop walking while shooting!"

See more of Jo's work on instagram at @jxwxm

ALTER/ANALOG:  How long have you been shooting film?

JM: I was lucky, both of my parents are keen photographers and encouraged me to start shooting film from a young age. One of my first cameras was a Canon Sure Shot AF-7.

ALTER/ANALOG: Why did you decide on film and not digital as your medium?

JM: I began shooting on film because digital cameras weren't around when I first started! I had a phase using digital, but a lot of the time my friends and I would get disposable cameras for nights out and adventures. I've always enjoyed having films developed and receiving a set of prints, capturing moments. I don't particularly like overly posed pictures and with digital I find it too easy to get obsessed with retaking over and over, constantly searching for the perfect shot - I feel like there's something less genuine about that. 

ALTER/ANALOG: What inspires you?

JM: My main inspiration is nature. I'm originally from rural Scotland and growing up spent every other weekend in a forest. I love being surrounded by trees, which is the opposite of day to day life at the moment, living in the centre of Manchester! I do enjoy the contrast between city life and the countryside, I try to combine the two in my work whenever I can.

ALTER/ANALOG: What projects are you working on next?

JM: These photos are from a zine I made about Manchester and will eventually be part of a series. I've moved a few times as an adult and a lot of places feel like home to me, for different reasons. I'm as much at home in the Northern Quarter of Manchester as I am in the Doach Woods, just outside Castle Douglas in Scotland. I want to put together a few collections of my favourite shots from the places I call home. I'm also working on combining some of my photos with experimental music that I produce. My first solo release will be on tape, (more analogue!) out later this year.

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