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Joaquín Cacciuttolo's sprocket series

Joaquín is from Chile and shot this series on a Lomogrpahy Sprocket Rocket. Joaquín has been working on filmsoups and experiments on film since last year.

See more of Joaquín's work on instagram at @albondigafilms

A/A: How do you create these sprocket photos?

JC: I discovered the Sprocket Rocket camera by Lomography and quickly got astonished, especially by the fact the image covers all the film, I really loved it. Then I like a lot wide angulars. I've have one for my digital stuff and other for 35mm too. The film codes (bars, numbers and brand) adds certain sign of truth... a kind of very visible certificate

A/A: What ingredients do you use for your film soup?

JC: Well, I really think I test so few elements... First use red wine, always give you some result. Then agree soap, detergent, silica gel, salt, natural orange or lemon juice. Anything by hand in the kitchen. I'll want to test everything!

A/A: What got you interested in shooting film?

JC: I've had lost feel like shooting on digital. Then for work I did a few rolls on an amazing trip at Patagonia. When I saw the results was like ¿Why I quited to do this? And my expectations still are increasing. I used to shoot on film about 20 years ago and film is expensive when you are student

A/A: Why do you like alternative processes?

JC: Because the pleasure of making all by your own hand. Digital cameras does all work for you, so it would be really fast and helpfull, but it does not let you feel the sensations, the smell of the chemicals, the grain of the film. I really love the grain. Also dirt and noise. I'm not trying to make something absolutely clean, I'm trying to create some tactile experience, with rough materials, dust and scratches. I have to tell that filmsoup always give you different results, which makes me feel very eager and alive, it takes you out of the comfort zone.

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