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Josefina Bonavia's film soaks make ordinary objects into things of beauty

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

Josefina Bonavia is a graphic designer and an analog photographer. What really makes her photos stand out is how she can shoot a mundane thing like a bathtub and unintentionally pair it with the perfect soaking substance to utterly transform the object into something that then becomes interesting and beautiful. The following images are all part of her film soup project. She soaked the film in different ingredients, such as different types of alcohol beverages, fruits juice and bleach, among other things.

See more of her work on instagram at @kokopeludo

1. What got you interested in analog photography?

I got interested in analog photography in 2011 when I got the chance to shoot with a Mini Diana, which was a birthday gift, and I fell in love with all the processes and the results I got from a plastic camera and a roll, which were very different to the digital ones that I was used to.

2. Some of the things you shoot are everyday objects, such as a bathtub or a car, but the effects of the soaking of the film elevates those ordinary objects into things of beauty. Is this intentional?

I experiment a lot with film soup, and I love the results that it creates. I think that the effect of the soaking in different ingredients is so interesting and gives the photo a magic touch.

3. You shoot a variety of subjects, such as portraits, flowers and objects. Your soaks always match the subject perfectly. Do you purposefully match the soaking substance to the subject?

No, it’s all random. I’m in constant experimentation, so I always want to try new combinations of ingredients. I have ruined some rolls doing this.

4. What is your favorite thing to shoot

My favorite thing to shoot is definitely nature: landscapes, flowers, clouds, textures, and so on.

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