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Josh Oxley's rainbow tinged imagery

"I'm Josh, a hobbist film photographer from Wellington, New Zealand. I've been shooting film for just over a year and love getting experimental with my photos! Typically I mess around with filters, double exposures and light leaks."

See more of Josh's work on instagram at @josh.oxl

A/A: What got you interested in film?

JO: I started shooting film around two years ago when my friend Ashley (She's been featured here too!) showed me some of her film photography. I loved the authentic and personal look. Something about it felt so nostalgic and purposeful. I'd only ever taken photos on my phone to document various moments. But this was different, it was art and I wanted to start experimenting! I soon after found a Cosina CT-1 Super online and began my film adventures!

A/A: Why is alternative imagery attractive to you?

JO: When I first started shooting, my camera would sometimes leak light. I remember getting my scans back and seeing this for the first time and I was so confused as to what happened! I'd never seen anything like this before and was blown away. Something about it seemed so unpredictable and fun. After this I started purposely light leaking my rolls by opening the back of the camera to see how far I could push the effect. I find in my day-to-day projects with VFX I'm always striving for perfection and making sure the outcome is predictable and controlled, but I find with film photography the less control I have in the process the more exciting I find the end results. Which allows me to get really experimental and have fun with it!

A/A: What is your favorite thing to shoot?

JO: I love shooting everything! Be it nature or street I love it all. I love the grungy aesthetics of the city and the calm of the hills. I'd say it really depends on how I'm feeling, or what I'm experimenting with. When I play with colour and coloured filters I love to shoot flowers and nature because people see these things everyday so it becomes obvious that I've been getting experimental. We're surrounded by so much beauty in our world, and it's only when I'm shooting film I really stop to look around and appreciate it.

A/A: What would you like to try next?

JO: I really want to get better at shooting portraits and people! Especially on the street. I find it very challenging to take strangers photos but also so rewarding when you can capture those special moments. I also have a keen interest in experimenting with film soups. I started following @hanalogital a few months back and it's all I can think about when it comes to alternative imagery!

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