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Köves Fanni's nature inspired film soup

"The roll was soaked in water+salt+rice vinegar+some king of syrup for fish and a bunch of petals/leafs. When it started boiling I turned off the gas, and left it for 10 more minutes. I’m really into plants and nature, I love to surround myself with it and to use plants and flowers in a creative way."

See more of Köves' work on instagram at @kovesfanni

A/A: What got you interested in alternative processes?

KF: When I started shooting on film I was amazed by these ready to shoot kind of films that are really colorful, I bet everyone knows what I mean. Then I discovered film soups/other alternative processes and the way I can create my own unique and pretty films. I adore plants, nature and all the things I’m surrounded with, that’s why I enjoy creating film soups. There’s no limit for it. You can use anything.

A/A:  How long have you been a photographer?

KF: I really don’t consider myself as a photographer, I just enjoy shooting on film. My father collected old cameras, mostly soviet ones, I loved them a lot. When I was 15 he bought a film and gave me a camera from his collection. That film was only developed 3 years later but was nice and nostalgic (with the worst results). Then I realized that one of my classmates bought a single use camera when we were 13, so that was the first time when I used film camera. 

A/A:  Does your work have a theme?

KF: I don’t have my own style yet, I experiment with more things, styles and processes. 

A/A: What inspires you?

KF: There are lots of other artists that inspire me, other people often inspire me but I’m a moody person, when I’m happy or in a good mood I have tons of ideas but when I’m not I can’t do a thing. There are weeks when I don’t even hold my camera in my hands and that’s okay I think. 

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