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Katherine Mollon creates dreams with her Holga

Katherine Mollon is an experimental photographer based in Michigan. The following images are some of her Holga double exposures. It's her favorite camera to make double exposures on, because it's so easy to not advance the film. The resulting images remind her of dreams.

See more of Katherine's work on instagram at @analoguedreamer

Check out her previous feature on Alter/Analog at

A/A: Do you find that dreams are the major theme of your work?

KM: Yes - all of my work has a subconscious theme. My images are more about how I feel than what I saw.

A/A: How would you describe your photographic journey?

KM: My photographic journey has been a long one. I got my B.A. in photography back in 2006. I was just switching over from film to my first DSLR. I was doing a lot of commercial work, but honestly more for the money than enjoyment. By chance, I got a job processing C-41 film in 2010 -- and that's what brought back my film obsession. A few years later, Film Shooters Collective was founded, and that (and Instagram) has really kept me interested in the analog community. After many years of rejections, I'm finally finding success in getting images published and displayed in shows, which is validating.

A/A: Is there any alternative processing you'd like to experiment with that you haven't tried yet?

KM: There's always new-to-me alternative processes to be discovered! I'm currently trying the "expose both sides" technique with different films. I would also like to try freelensing, and experimenting with bulb mode on my newer Diana (my Holga doesn't have that option).

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