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Katie Mollon's dreamlike NOLA cemetery

Katie Mollon took her toy camera into a New Orleans cemetery and the dreaminess of the Holga images combined with the decay of the subjects produced eerie and beautiful photos.

Katie is on instagram as @analoguedreamer

ALTER/ANALOG:  Please tell us more about the location where these photos were taken.KM: These were taken at Lafayette Cemetery #1, in the Garden District of New Orleans, Louisiana. ALTER/ANALOG:  The Holga worked perfectly to capture the mood of the subject.  How long have you been shooting with the Holga?KM: I’ve been using the same Holga for about 15 years! I love trying different film cameras, but I always come back to the Holga because I just love the dreamy results on medium format film. ALTER/ANALOG: What inspires you as a photographer?KM: I find my surroundings inspiring: whether it’s every day life or on vacation; city or rural landscapes. ALTER/ANALOG:  Why did you start shooting film in the digital age?KM: Digital wasn’t accessible when I started shooting. Film was the norm. I do shoot with a DSLR now, but I still feel passionate about film. I love the “happy accidents” and “flaws” in film. It feels more natural to me to create surreal images in-camera, as opposed to Photoshop.
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