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Kim Watson's creates mystical mountainscapes

"I am a BA (Hons) Photography as Arts Practice graduate from the UK. I work on 35mm film to create imaginary landscapes that challenge the historical restraints of photography to create something other than a straight representation of reality."

See more of Kim's work on instagram at @kimxwatson and on the web at

ALTER/ANALOG:  What process did you do to create these photos?

KW: I shoot on low cost, expired 35mm film or whatever I can get my hands on. After shooting it gets souped in a typical film soup, though most of the blues and purples come from the Cokin lens filters I use.

ALTER/ANALOG:  These photos are very dreamlike.  Was that intentional? 

KW: Absolutely. I like my work to tread the line between the real and the imagined, the familiar and the unfamiliar. I like to see them as dreamscapes, or maybe lands from distant planet. 

ALTER/ANALOG: What inspires you?

KW: The natural world and the landscape. There is so much magic and wonder to be found in landscapes and trees. The landscapes that I spend my time in, usually places with peaks and mountains, have such interesting and magical histories. I love spending time outdoors. 

ALTER/ANALOG:  What got you interested in film?

KW: I was studying at the time and was surrounded by ridiculously expensive digital equipment. It was implied that this was the only way to make good photos. It was all too clean, mechanical and soulless to me. So, I found my own way of making photographs that allowed me to be hands on and creative, and that happened to be through film.

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